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  Brief History

To meet the demands of a rapidly changing business world, the Business Department at Providence University was established in 1963, and was divided into two sections in 1974 International Trade and Accounting. The Accounting section of the Department of Business began to operate separately as an independent department in 1987 and has recruited four classes of students every year since 1991, and three classes of students every year since 2007. Its Master of Accountancy program, being the first one in the central Taiwan, was set up in 2000. It was designed for working professionals of students since the academic year of 2004.

Educational Goal

The Accounting department aims to train professional accounting personnel. Its program emphasis on both academic theories and practical skills. After graduation, a student could either devote himself (herself) to a position as CPA or an accountant in a private sector or in a governmental institution. The Accounting program can also provide students with excellent background to purse advanced studies in business.

Unique Features

There are four emphases underlying the curriculum of the current graduate program:

1. Set up AIS study program: the objective is to train professional AIS personnel. Special attention is given to the issues those related to the design, control, and implementation of accounting information systems.

2. A case study approach to the integration of accounting and tax law: emphasis on the development and implementation of corporate tax strategies, and was designed to exploit students tax efficient solutions to common problems.

3. Focus on the use of financial analysis in decision making: business executives, visiting faculty, and alumni are  frequently invited to give speeches and share their hands-on experiences.

4. Integrate accounting into management: The focus is on the application of accounting information in various management decision making.

Students Activitues

The Student Association of Accounting department is organized by the Accounting faculty and students. It provides a variety of activities such as academic seminars, sports contests and other social activities. Its objective is to promote students to involve in both departmental and university life.

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